Collective Noun

From now on, the collective noun for my children is a “squabble”.


No you did not. Oh ho ho ho I did so. Oh no she did not. Oh ho ho ho ho she did so. Oh ho you give that back right nnnneeeeeoooooww. Oh whoa now not nnnneeeoooow. Oh hhhyeahs you will or I’m telling.  Nuh Uh, I didn’t even.  Yeh huh, you completely did, I saw it.  Um-ma, you’re told on by mum.



So we moved house last week.  Again.  As if packing it all up isn’t a drag, now I have to unpack it all again.


Go Go Gadget Enthusiasm!

This is like housework times a million.  I also got flu in the middle of the move, so you can just about imagine how perky and motivated I aren’t.  So far I’ve unpacked the tissues and the paracetamol.  So I’m done for now. 😛