I don’t much like to talk about myself.  It’s about the only topic that makes me uncomfortable.  OK that’s not true.  I love talking about myself.  It’s the only topic I find endlessly interesting.  But I don’t like to talk about myself without any context to put it into.  Or to talk about myself to thin air.  It’s awkward addressing an empty room and wondering whether anyone is listening.

So for anyone even slightly curious, here are a few fun facts about me.

  1. I am married with children.
  2. I am Australian.
  3. I like singing, doodling, reading and cake.
  4. I am not a dog person.
  5. If I had to list influences for this blog, the first people that come to mind are Michael Leunig, Quentin Blake and Allie Brosch (of Hyperbole and a Half fame).

Everything else you can probably learn from my posts.  Like a sketchy sort of study in the slow reveal.


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