The other day I visited an arts and crafts market. I got chatting with a ceramicist. She asked me if I was an artistic sort of person. I was going to say “yes” when I thought of these pictures…


As an aside, when I saved this picture, I named it “talentless hack”.

And I changed my answer to a quiet little “not really”.



One day, I was driving my eldest daughter to kinder.  She started calling from the back seat, “Mum!  Look what I did!!”Image

I said “honey, I’m driving right now, why don’t you tell me what you did, instead?”

So she said very enthusiastically, “I drew a FENCE!”

I was still driving.  I said “OK that’s nice… wait, where did you draw it?”

“Oh, on the window!” she said cheerfully.


“Ah.  and ergh.” I said, driving along.  Then I began to wonder how to clean it off, and THEN I began to wonder what the drawing was made of.

I asked her “What did you draw it with?”

And she said, proudly, “with CHEESE!”


I did that inward groan that parents do on a just about hourly basis, per child.

We got to the kinder, and she ran off as I was waving goodbye.  As usual.


Then I began driving quietly home.

Until it dawned up on me.

WHAT cheese?!?