I used to have great arms. Probably not as good as Michelle Obama, but still, very decent. I did not go to the gym to get them… And I realise now that what was different then, as opposed to now, is that I did not own a food processor or electric beaters, did not have a bread machine to knead the dough for me, and most importantly, my car did not have power steering. So, simple things first, I now have no bread machine, no electric beaters, no food processor. I bought a little hand-operated beater instead, for $8. NOW if I want to eat whipped cream, I have to use good old-fashioned elbow grease.


Now if I can just find a car without power steering for $8…



Exhausted this past week, having spent many hours cleaning up the old house after moving out, and cleaning up the new after moving in.  Can’t use many chemicals due to the pregnancy. Also refuse to use some due to environmental concerns.  As such, have had to resort mostly to elbow grease.  This has led me to a new resolution.  I will no longer own anything that I cannot clean with a steel scouring pad.


This will also takes me much closer to my minimalism goals.