Sharks for Tea

Spent the afternoon serving tiny cups of pretend tea to pretend baby sharks inhabiting the lounge room floor. Because I was the mummy unicorn, and I had to do what I was told to do, by the baby unicorn.


Stands to reason that the punishment for disobedience would likely involve more sharks.


Coolest Thing

Just FYI: Kids are cute.  And also clever.  And occasionally philosophical.  This is probably due to not being constrained by mundane rubbish on a daily basis.

Eldest daughter was on the back step the other day, waving her arms about and saying things like “taaa daa!”  and little blahdey-blah things, as if giving a really enthusiastic speech.


She was really getting into it. Whatever it was.

I went out and asked her what she was doing.


Hoping the answer wasn’t some form of crazy.

She answered:


Personally, I think *everyone* is doing this all the time, but hardly anyone admits it.

Then she forgot about me and went back to her demonstration.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.  Kids are the coolest thing in the world.


One day, I was driving my eldest daughter to kinder.  She started calling from the back seat, “Mum!  Look what I did!!”Image

I said “honey, I’m driving right now, why don’t you tell me what you did, instead?”

So she said very enthusiastically, “I drew a FENCE!”

I was still driving.  I said “OK that’s nice… wait, where did you draw it?”

“Oh, on the window!” she said cheerfully.


“Ah.  and ergh.” I said, driving along.  Then I began to wonder how to clean it off, and THEN I began to wonder what the drawing was made of.

I asked her “What did you draw it with?”

And she said, proudly, “with CHEESE!”


I did that inward groan that parents do on a just about hourly basis, per child.

We got to the kinder, and she ran off as I was waving goodbye.  As usual.


Then I began driving quietly home.

Until it dawned up on me.

WHAT cheese?!?