So we moved house last week.  Again.  As if packing it all up isn’t a drag, now I have to unpack it all again.


Go Go Gadget Enthusiasm!

This is like housework times a million.  I also got flu in the middle of the move, so you can just about imagine how perky and motivated I aren’t.  So far I’ve unpacked the tissues and the paracetamol.  So I’m done for now. 😛



Eldest daughter is a brand new great big 5 year old.  Apparently this makes her old enough and wise enough to understand the concept of moving house.  Because of this, today is not a happy day.Image

Things cheered up a bit when we reassured her that we were taking all our things with us.  I think she thought we were going to live in that huge empty house that we had looked at, with no furniture in it.  To be fair, that would make me cry, too.