Baby Sleep Dilemma

If she sleeps more now, I can get stuff done… but then she won’t sleep at night, and I lose the chance to sleep… what to do, what to do…


It’s largely irrelevant, because if I move at all, she wakes up anyway.

Best to just stand there in absolute silence, watching her breathe.  Because she’s so very cute.  It’s the easiest time to appreciate babies; when they’re asleep.  The rest of the time, it’s too hectic to notice.

Latest Addition

Had our third baby on 3.3.13.  Labour sucks, by the way, I had underestimated how much it sucked, and I am writing it down again, so that I will remember for the future.  However, it is TOTALLY worth it.  I am extremely pleased to announce the safe arrival of daughter no. 3.


Let’s call this expression my “pethidine face”.

I’ll be honest, I spent longer thinking about what colour to paint her on this blog, than I did on what to actually name her.  It’s a big decision with lifelong ramifications, see?  Already I have her best interests at heart.


Today is my official due date for this baby to be born. So naturally, like any rational woman, I am seriously considering jumping on the trampoline.


Just to jump start things, so to speak.

Although knowing my luck, and my body at this point, it’s far more likely I would just wet myself.  Hmmm… I think I need a new plan.