Nearing Due Date

I’m now 37.5 weeks pregnant.  This means when someone (aka everyone) asks me “how long to go?” I can honestly say “any day now!”  I even say it cheerfully, because nobody likes a downer.

But honestly, between the unending braxton hicks “practice” contractions and an element of apprehension while waiting for the “real” contractions, I have decided that the waiting game sucks.

Sometimes people say “you must be sick of it by now” (oh yes, indeed I am).  Usually women say this.  Women who have had children.  Because let’s face it, pregnancy does drag on for an insane amount of time.

I’m lucky that I am the kind of person who can keep myself busy.  But not this close to the due date.  I don’t want to start anything new, can’t really plan anything, don’t want to book myself in for anything, and don’t even really want to venture too far from home, in case I end up labouring in, say, a shopping centre, or a swamp full of gnats, leeches and crocodiles somewhere.  Or god forbid, a shopping centre full of gnats, leeches and crocodiles.  *shudder*.  (Well, this IS Australia.  Things happen.)

So to distract my terrible imagination from wearing me down, I try to keep as busy as can be.  I’ve done the usual things, assembled the change table and cot, washed all the baby linen (twice!), filled in endless amounts of relevant and/or outstanding paperwork for just about everything under the sun.  And now the urgent, difficult, relevant things are done.

This leaves me with little option but to FIND things to do.  Often far out of balance to what still needs to be done.  And at the expense of regular tasks.

Like sweeping the back yard concrete.


Can’t remember the last time I swept indoors though. Huh.

There are times when my energy levels are so high I actually accomplish nothing, because I’m racing around manically, from task to task, my extreme-multitasking skills about as organised as a balloon in a tornado.


Always followed by bouts of fatigue. So a *kind* of balance is achieved.

During the low points, I have trouble entertaining myself, because everything I do seems to trigger an oxytocin-induced sob-fest.  Even TV.  No, especially TV.

sad tv

Pictured: pregnant person watching advert for tax accountants

Generally these mood swings elicit the comfort response in others.  This rarely goes the way they expect.


That’s right, Sunshine, back away slowly. And don’t come back until you have burritos.

Between all this, the usual functions of the day are also skewed out of recognition.  So much so that it’s like being back in the first trimester of pregnancy again.  Some days you can’t get enough to eat, others you do nothing more than play with your food.


One of these two will NOT be getting any dessert this evening.

The main feature of the last few weeks, however, has been my renewed interest and energy in long-forgotten projects that have been outstanding since before we moved house.


Never get so much done as when you forget you have kids.

But the due date looms closer and I am running out of distractions.  Which is probably just as well, because I am also increasingly dizzy as the days go by.


I want to sit down, but I have forgotten how to chair. Or how to gravity, for that matter.

So I have my fingers crossed that this will all be behind me soon, because I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.  And I am fairly sure that the family are just as sick of it as I am.

So with any luck the next post will be about a brand new baby (girl or boy, we just don’t know).  Because it really is going to be any day now…


4 thoughts on “Nearing Due Date

  1. I remember it well. I cleaned the kitchen cupboards, before and after MM1 was born. And changed the curtains in the lounge 5 times, each time waddling with them back to the shop after a day and finally insisting my mum made some for me in 24 hours, only to take them down when MM1 was 6 weeks old as I hated the material.
    Not long to go now. 🙂

  2. HAHAHA I have washed all our spare linen, for no reason. I find myself scrubbing the underside of the outdoor swing with an old toothbrush. Washing down the back door frame. Rinsing the trampoline. As if the baby is ever going to go near the trampoline. 😛 I’ve dusted our suitcases, shrink-wrapped the spare clothes, alphabetised the kitchen… this baby better come soon, or I’ll find myself on the roof scraping lichen off the tiles with an old razor or laminating all my books or something, it’s getting crazy out of hand. 😉

  3. The nesting instinct is so much fun (sarcasm) My son is 3 months old now, but all that seems like just yesterday to me. I had the urge to scrub everything repeatedly, and assemble everything in sight I thought I needed. I also had a months worth or more of diapers already stashed away, and the clothes all ready. It drove my husband absolutely insane, but I think he appreciated all my preparations when I wound up with an emergency cesarean, and he ended up being the one having to take care of both me and the baby the first couple of weeks.

    While it may seem crazy to some other people nesting does serve a purpose. All moms want their baby coming home to the best possible environment, and they want all the baby’s needs provided for. Before the days of modern convenience this instinct probably had more of a necessary purpose, but it still remains part of our natural makeup as mothers. We can all look back and smile, and maybe giggle a little about it later, because we have all been there.

  4. I have a done something similar, the freezer is stuffed full of prepared meals, nappies/diapers are all lined up like soldiers, older daughter’s lunch orders are all written out and paid for at least two weeks, and I can only hope that in the end it is me that is grateful for all this work, because I don’t think anyone else would appreciate it as much as I will. 🙂 Although I still haven’t swept the floors. There are some things I just can not get inspired over. 😀

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