Office Hours

There’s a particular office that I have trouble with every time I need to contact them.  They never seem to have anyone in, they don’t respond to messages, they will tell you the wrong contact names for things, so that you are guaranteed to never get the assistance you need.  This is a private business, by the way, not governmental, even though it does sound rather like one from that description.  Anyway, I sent a query by email to them this morning, and received a polite response fairly promptly from one of their staff, but he ended the email rather more honestly than usual.


Don’t sell yourself short mate, your office will be shit well into the new year.

My theory is that this guy is new there, and it has slowly been dawning on him how poorly run the whole operation really is.  But at the same time, he is now totally going to be my go-to guy, since he’s obviously the one with a finger on the pulse.  I bet he’s promoted before the year is out.  At least, I hope he is.



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