If only the 2nd amendment had specified that each American had the right to carry a musket. That absurd law would have become ignored, antiquated, forgotten…


And that you had to wear knickerbockers when reloading.


3 thoughts on “Minutemen

    • Oh sure, but that’s the kind of enthusiastic, researched, social event that tends to run smoothly, and everyone regulates themselves at those things, to a large extent. They don’t spill over into the general population. Tend to be opt-in rather than compulsory, as it were. Can’t exactly opt-out of 2nd amendment the way it stands… unless you expatriate yourself. Also, you can’t do all that much damage with a musket, especially as a sole operator; each reload takes ages, they are only marginally more effective than a bow and arrow; and even then, only by distance. In terms of ability to rapid fire, bow and arrow would win out. In a crowded shopping centre you might be able to kill one person with your first bullet, MIGHT, but after that anyone around you has enough time to punch your lights out, and that’s the end of it. Not like modern arsenal, where one person can wipe out dozens of people before anyone has time to raise an alarm. Obviously no guns is better, and for this reason I am very glad I live in a country where we don’t sell guns nearly as freely as the USA. Can’t help wishing they had never been invented, really. Human behaviour is bad enough without them. :/

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