I’ve been reading online sewing blogs and patterns for the past 14+ hours now. And I only *just* realised that when Americans say “sweater” they mean “jumper”.  But when they say “jumper” they aren’t talking about a sweater. Here I thought they’d screwed up their photos and links. Duh.


I blame pregnancy-brain. My thinks have gone un-clever.



I used to have great arms. Probably not as good as Michelle Obama, but still, very decent. I did not go to the gym to get them… And I realise now that what was different then, as opposed to now, is that I did not own a food processor or electric beaters, did not have a bread machine to knead the dough for me, and most importantly, my car did not have power steering. So, simple things first, I now have no bread machine, no electric beaters, no food processor. I bought a little hand-operated beater instead, for $8. NOW if I want to eat whipped cream, I have to use good old-fashioned elbow grease.


Now if I can just find a car without power steering for $8…